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Markus Eye


The visionary Markus Eye is a national award-winning photographer. His background extends from advertising to fashion photography. He now specializes in offering a dramatic collection consisting of ancient Indian ruins, spectacular mountainsides, geological landmarks and natural botanical gardens.

People from all over the world collect his photographs for their magnificent settings and the refreshing brilliant lighting of precious moments captured in time.

The value of the Sedona Series has doubled in a short period. Residents and visitors to Sedona are now collecting limited edition canvasses 22” x 28” and larger. One of his most popular and sought after is his 13 image poster “Majestic Wonders of Sedona”. This would be a welcome addition to your home or business. With more than seven years of research, Markus has amassed a truly inspiring collection.

Markus will soon be touring the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe promoting his new poster and upcoming book. You can contact him at www.markuseye.com


Outdoor Pursuits: Hiking, Backpacking, Camping and Fishing

Residence: Sedona, Arizona

Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Education: University of Wisconsin

Family: Single

Occupation: Photographer specializing in Mountain Landscapes of the Southwest

He’s No Rookie: Professional Photography since 1979

Most Prestigious Award: National Pace Maker awarded in 1982

A Sense of Humor: When asked the most important aspect of taking photographs, he joked, “You have
to get out of the car… and keep your hands off the lens of the camera. “

Biggest Challenge: Scouting locations for lighting and composition, also packing large format
photography equipment to challenging sites.

Favorite Location to shoot Photograph: I am drawn to water and mountains, seeing the Earth in its pure
form and reflecting it.